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Wearable Survival Technology

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2C Light Company is the world leader in the development of solar powered wearable technology as demonstrated by the innovative 2C Solar Light Cap, a product unique to the international market.

Solar Camping Light
“Its a tightly integrated, highly advanced, microprocessor controlled solar lighting technology system”
“Perfect for camping or any outdoor activity where you need to shed a little light in the dark night”
“The perfect hands free solution. 2C Solar Light Cap [is] the unchallenged victor in the class of low profile, waterproof, solar charged, LED light hat. I highly recommend them for anyone who likes a good adventure or just wants to shed a little hands free light on things.”
“2CLight might’ve finally found a more functional way to bring photovoltaics to headwear.”
“One press will turn the light on or off...the light can penetrate up to 10 meters (32 feet)”
“This hat could come to your rescue !”
Solar Fishing light
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