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2C Solar Light Cap
A wearable self charging headlamp for your emergency essentials

The 2C Solar Light Cap:

  • wearable green technology from 2C Light Company
  • gives you freedom and independence - always have a light on your head that doesn’t need batteries
  • ideal for your emergency essentials | survival kit | bug-out bag | off-grid living | solar camping lights
  • built to exacting standards by a US company using US solar technology
  • is an award winning, green technology solution to improve your lifestyle and reduce battery pollution
  • is proven by adventurers in extreme environments from the heat of the Sahara desert to the cold of the Himalayan mountains

Have you ever been caught  out in the dark and wish you had a light?  I have.
Every year thousands of hikers run out of daylight and become lost or disorientated, sometimes with tragic outcomes. 
It is essential to carry a light to find shelter and to signal rescue.

2C Solar Light Cap is a brilliant solution for your solar camping lights, or as survival gear to include in your emergency essentials. Wear the best photovoltaic powercap, with 2C Solar.

The 2C Solar Light Cap is a four-in-one product:

  1. a stylish cap for you to wear
  2. a hands free light that doesn’t need batteries
  3. an integrated, high performance solar battery charger
  4. an integrated SOS Morse Code rescue flash

This 2C solar rechargeable headlamp has a built in  microprocessor controlled charging system, and a large, high quality flexible photovoltaic panel made in USA. 

“2C works brilliantly for your solar camping lights or as part of your outdoor survival gear giving you a reliable headlamp for increasing your safety and survivability during disasters and independence from buying batteries for up to four years or more”, says Simon Dyer, Founder

“2C Solar Light Cap can provide you with years of light for increasing enjoyment in your outdoor adventure, is great for working, or brilliant as a night fishing light.  And as a money saver it will give you years of free light - no batteries to buy or dispose of.”


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